30 Days of Movember

Happy Movember 1!  (For more information *savages*, check out this link

Here is the team I donate to and follow! You can even join this team, another one, or make up a team yourself. (Maybe next year we will move into the team round. We'll see!)

I'm kicking off my Movember #PessimisticMoustache game with my favorite and the man who hung on my auntie's bedroom wall when I was growing up. (Yes, I am old.  But not so old that I had one myself.)

Not only does Tom Selleck have a stylish stashe but he is hairy as a damn bear.  What's not to like?  College humor even has a mustache style named specifically for his upper lip fuzz.  This is not the creepy solo-stache that haunts us from the 70's and 80's, he is a bar above

Nov 1-fun.jpg


I mean, just have a look. Simple but trimmed and neat.

 A Movember-man could really do worse than picking this style after the 30 day growth if you decide to keep i

This might have been one of the poster's my aunt had.  Actually, now that I think about it, he might have been leaning over that bad-ass Ferrari.  

Regardless, lets just have a moment to admire the chest hair, okay?  Unless you're pro-shave and then just continue your way down. No judgement.

It is a sad thing that most guys have to shave, wax and repeat these days.

"Cell phones? ....du'fuq?"

"Cell phones? ....du'fuq?"

*fans self*

*fans self*

smooth, like a baby's butt...

smooth, like a baby's butt...

We are so accustomed to seeing Magnum PI (Or Frank Reagan for you Blue Bloods fans) with a mustache that he looks weird without one.  I mean, borderline untrustworthy.   Still a cutie, but I might not let him babysit, that's all I'm saying.

(Okay, the dimples just kill me!)


So, now how do we play this game?  After enjoying the images, lets take a moment to consider how best to describe his facial hair.   Comment here or on twitter @dianarosewilson .  Look for a poll later.  Please use the hashtag #PessimisticMoustache so we can all follow along.

Thanks to Maria @authormariaberg for letting me hijack her game. :D  More later!