The Eagle Huntress

Not shocking if you're reading my books that I have a thing about winged-things.  When I saw the preview for Eagle Huntress I got really excited about a chance to learn more about this culture that has interested me for many years.  I'm all about girl-power too so of course I want to hear about a young girl getting her eagle training.  Here's the preview.

You Tube Trailer

Good stuff right?  Absolutely beautiful and just look at those wings. ;)  (Don't judge me!)

I shared the trailer around tweet-space and called it good.  This morning I got a nice tweet from  Adrienne Mayor  @amayor who shared this document with me and some others.  It's a clarifying view about the women in the community.  


Knowledge is power.  Thanks to Adrienne Mayor for this enlightening document and I'm happy to share it around.   I am still going to see the movie but will view it as it was intended - a dramatization.