Playing for Keeps

Author Diana Rose Wilson

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Happy New Year - Happy New Books!

It's with a heavy heart that my first editions of Forbidden Secrets have gone off the market.   Just six months ago I was so happy to see Ursa and Leo out in the world and now they are gone.  It seemed like I was just getting readers into the world.  I hope if you are one of those readers that you'll hold on for a few months!

Not to fear though! Lies that Blind: SpiritBeasts, book 1 will be coming in July, 2016!  I know it's a bit to wait, but I swear it's worth it.  

I am also happy to announce that I'm working on several additional books and so far the new year has been full of adventures and I haven't even gotten out of my PJs!  Okay, that's a lie, I had a bubble bath earlier.

Alright, enough over-share!  As soon as I have a cover made for the LIes that Blind, the first SpiritBeasts book, I will display it for all to see!  

Happy 2017!  

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