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Are they plans or plots?

I came across this article on the Harvard Business Review this morning that really got me thinking.  Here is the article.

You’re Never Done Finding Purpose at Work

Take a moment to review. I’ll wait.


As my previous post mentioned, I’m at a crucible moment right now and so finding this article couldn’t have come at a better time. 

The main take away for me is the exercise to evaluation of mindset about work.  The idea that there’s a Job mindset that focuses primarily on the cash, the Career mindset that is the goal of upward mobility and power and the Purpose mindset that is that achievement everyone wants to have. Feeling fully focused and rewarded by the work you’re doing. They say people who find that job will never work a day in their lives.  Right?

Anyway, it’s not my purpose to re-write that article, but you should read it.  I think I will keep a running tally on my temperature towards my multi-tiered jobs and use it to decide what’s best for me and really what I want in my future.

That leads me to the other article that is hyperlinked on the one above. I’m going to list it here so you (and I) have it.

From Purpose to Impact

It’s much longer than this but when I read these questions, it felt like a serious reality check.

  • What do you enjoy doing in your life now that helps you sing your song?

Anyone who is reading this blog likely knows me or has followed me down the rabbit hole as I’ve been writing and maybe even gotten caught up in the stories too.  There’s not even a hesitation for me to answer that question.  My writing is my song. 

It is what gives me the deepest, sweetest joy. 

When I finally allowed myself to write about characters falling in love and gave myself permission to be sappy and sentimental, and paint them in wild and fantastical lives, my life changed.  It has been the most enjoyable experience in my whole life.

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been struggling with my other life dream of getting a horse again. And last weekend a friend reminded me that the pretty copper pony is not the horse for me.  Reality check: In a real five year plan, is that a realistic goal? 

Those are questions for me, but I think other writers and readers might benefit from doing the exercises in the articles as well.  We can all use a little push towards a happier work + life equality.

Now, here are some pretty horses to look at while you ponder those questions.  Have a great weekend.

I photographed this horse at the Fresno Horse park and she inspired me to create Spear Eater.  Few things are more bad ass than a one eyed horse going crosscountry.

I photographed this horse at the Fresno Horse park and she inspired me to create Spear Eater.  Few things are more bad ass than a one eyed horse going crosscountry.

I like this series of shots.  The horse was a little uncertain about going over that big drop.  Didn't refuse though. 

Don't know about this boss.jpg
Don't know about this boss 2.jpg
Don't know about this boss 3.jpg

And just a couple more...because: jumping into water looks cool in still frame.

Woodwide - Aug 12 - x-country 3.jpg
Woodwide - Aug 12 - x-country 4.jpg

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