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Author Diana Rose Wilson

This website is for Diana Rose Wilson and her upcoming events and releases of her books including the Forbidden Secrets series.

6 Unusual things about me:

1)      Owned by …ahem…10 cats and one African grey parrot (Who is 27 this year)


2)      For the span of over 3 years spent 10+ hours day, every day, playing on a text based Roleplay game where I …er…my character, was a Duchess.  (Also played on Pern based MUSHes from 1994-2010. I won’t share the number of hours I spent playing on an average day.)


3)      I am a Pteraphile.  For those not familiar with this word:  lover of all things feather/winged related. Primarily humans with wings.  Wings need not be feathered; I’m also rather attracted to bat-like wings (Dragons/demons). Not in particular interested in Angels due to the accompanying religious significance, although I must say the show Lucifer is f*n awesome.  ;)  

4)      My husband took my last name when we got married.


5)      I have a full sleeve leg tattoo. It wraps completely around my leg, extending from my ankle to my hip-bone.  The image was inspired, in part, by unfortunate events that happened to my brother.


6)      I’m 4’10.

Bird Fight

Bird Fight

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