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A few little bits for you!

I've been away from the posts for awhile. Did you miss me?

I have been fortunate enough to get some great feedback and new readers are finding me.  I've seen a request for a story about Mano. 

I'm happy to report that I have just the thing.  

Several things actually.

So, there's Blood Feathers, which is about Marcie meeting Mano. I know, it's book 4 of Forbidden Secrets.

Then there's Dangerous Seduction, which is book 6 of the Forbidden Secrets series but...there's also Mano. 

He's also a side character for Paying the Dragon's Price - Forbidden Secrets 5 and Heart Bound - Forbidden Secrets 7.

And for people who have read all of those and have been waiting for more, I have a pair of short stories that continue with the characters.  Marcie+Mano, and the Marcie+Mano Christmas story

He even has a tiny part in All Thorns Eve and an even smaller cameo in An End to Summer.

All these stories and series are made to come together in a pretty little package.  At least they will if I do my job properly.

Thanks for reading. :D 


Because everyone needs a little more Mano...right?

Because everyone needs a little more Mano...right?

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