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Book Cover Love - An End to Summer

First, I would like to thank my awesome cover artist, Kelly Martin (!  She has done ALL my books so far and she is so great at making my vision come through in images. I am amazed and awed by the results.

Take, for example, my request on the cover for An End to Summer. I wanted one of my heroes to have feathers for hair.  It's kind of a part of that character in the story.

Kelly and I had a few back and forth exchanges where I sent her suggestions; 'like a Hawkhead parrot, but also kinda of like a cockatoo, but don't make it look goofy. Oh, and also?  He needs to be sexy. '

I'm demanding. I know. 


I mean, the look is supposed to look a little unusual and a little silly, as Alexander finds it in this first introduction here:

              There was something strange about the warriors though. Their hair was brilliant red banded with stripes of purple and blue.  He realized with a shock that what covered their head was not hair but feathers.

              The man at the center of their group looked over at their approach, his haughty features guarded. He seemed the youngest and handsome in a razor-edged way that made Alexander stare. He swept a look over the stallion with an arrogant little curl of his upper lip.  Then his eyes fell on Alexander.  The feathers on his head lifted into a comical crest like a cockatoo.

               It looked ridiculous.  Thankfully his cough of amusement sounded like a rumble rather than mirth. There was nothing funny about the glares that the men fixed on him.


I think Kelly did an outstanding job picking out Alexander and although I wanted him to have his scar, I think that might have been a bit much for the cover.  What do you think? Would you have rather seen him scared face if possible? 

A sketch of Alexander. 

A sketch of Alexander. 


Happy Day After National Pizza Day

I apparently think with my stomach, and so I'm still in pizza bliss after having a massive overload of home baked pizza last night.  I hope those checking out the blog had an equally nice day/night.  It seems like it should be a bigger holiday than Valentine's Day.  

I love Romance, but not particularly the forced holiday that makes primarily men feel guilty if they don't go overboard with displays of affection.  I'm more of a: Romance every friggen day, girl.  

I have been negligent in my posting since my past Aug post, because we had a massively brutal fire here in October.  We luckily survived the fires and we're safe and whole, but it has rocked a lot of people I know. I haven't quite bounced back to the fun stuff of writing and fiction as my attention remains focused on real life events.  

I have noticed that a few people have been subscribing to the blog!  Yay!  So, I will try to be more active with at least some little things.  I am still working on my Science Fiction romance story and this weekend putting together the synopsis and pitch for it.  I'm looking forward to getting this and the sequel off the ground and see how readers like it.

Paying the Dragon's Price came out this week, I hope to hear how people like it. Dangerous Seduction, Heart Bound and All Thorns Eve will be released in the next few months.  I will have a release cover for Heart Bound around Valentine's Day.  Ooh, fancy, right?

Alright, that's it for now.   Thanks for reading!

Redshoulder -Aug 2017.jpg

90's Cosplay throwback

I promised I would send pictures of my 90’s Mercedes Lackey cosplay and I have found a picture.  It’s not so great quality but it's what I have.  Here it is. ;)

Oh, here's some details!

Oh, here's some details!

You can't even see the awesomeness of the embroidery and beadwork I did but-just imagine it's way cooler th

You can't even see the awesomeness of the embroidery and beadwork I did but-just imagine it's way cooler th

I think it was someone’s birthday and they were getting spanked but for the life of me I can’t remember.  This was a Dragon Con ‘pajama party’ event with a reading of Owl Flight before it came out and there were shenanigans in progress.  Being socially awkward as I was/am, I was just trying not to completely melt down like an uber dork. I’m sure I said/did something awkward and uncomfortable to those around me. Thank goodness I’m not plagued by those memories.  

I do recall being in the elevator with Mark Shepherd and I was so nervous I thought I was going to faint.  He was very kind but it had to be awkward for him.  Sorry Mark.


Hotty bodyguards.  

Hotty bodyguards.  

There was also this strange thing that happened that year at D*C, apparently there were death threats (?) and so ML and her people had two security guards with them.  It seemed perfectly reasonable at the time but looking back it seems really odd, particularly when you see pictures like this from one of the panels. 

And at the end of D*C they had an auction and I won this pretty necklace and the line edits of Winds of Change (Half of it anyway, somehow the organizer of the event tricked me and I never did get the full manuscript. Still worth it.  Used to dry my writer's tears for many years. Just kidding, we all know writer's tears are pure alcohol and must be bottled with care.)  

I wonder if she ever wonders: 'Where did I put that necklace.....?' 

I wonder if she ever wonders: 'Where did I put that necklace.....?' 

And now that I've shared my memories with you, I'm back to sewing for my latest obsession.  I'm not even going to Confluence where Sharron Lee and Steve Miller are attending. :P  I'll be in Florida, hanging out with Sci-Fi Romance writers at the RWA conference.  

I'm putting the jacket and vest lining in today and hopefully will have pictures soon!

Thanks for reading! I can't wait to meet more writers and discover new obsessions! 

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