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March 2018 Update

Updates on Works in Progress:

Spirit Beasts #2 – 32k’ish words.

Spirit Lands #2 – 35k’ish words.

Spirit Lands #3 – 10k’ish words.

Gems Book #2, #3, #4, #5 – 21k’ish words.

Technarian – 45k’ish words.

Unnamed Sci-Fi story – 75k’ish words.

My muse was hijacked in October when fires devastated my community. I had very deliberate plans for Frankie that included her demonstration of strength and flammable temper.  Danger to her friends and unexpected revelations add up to a pretty explosive tinderbox for her and the characters in my fictional world.  To have this situation thrust on me in reality has altered my outlook on this plot-point as you might imagine.  The place I love most in the world burned to the ground.  My plan for Frankie’s reckoning played out in reality has been very intense.  It’s been difficult to write out those events with dispassion when I drive through the aftermath every day. 

More recently the real-life town of Yountville had a horrible and tragic incident at the Veterans Home. That center will, at some point, have an important place in my fictional world.  Not to be too spoiler’y, but it’s the nation’s largest Veterans center and  if you’ve read through the stories thus-far, you’ll understand why this would be important to Frankie and Marcie’s new world.  Retired warriors…waiting for their time… need I say more?  It’s interesting how real life events are impacting my characters and the fictional world and how I’m viewing it.   All I’ve wanted to write this week is Frankie Welton opening a can of whoop-ass on anyone who dares fuck with her warriors.

Burning Bright

Burning Bright

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