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Swag, Swag, Baby!

Swag seems like the easiest thing to do. Get some cute dust collectors, slap your name on them and hand out to everyone and their sister and red-headed step-sibling.  Boom. Instant success. Everyone knows about you. Retire wealthy.

However, I routinely obsess about this very topic. What do I get? What do people want?

Because, it’s not about what I want. It’s not even about what the general Joe-conference-attender wants. It’s about what YOU want. You: my reader.

You are my reader, right? 

                          ...    Hello? 

Well, I’d like you to become my reader and I want to provide next level swag that won’t end up in the trash, convention floor, or in the bottom of a desk drawer. Also need swag that won’t break the bank. Have some pity on this little author! 

Over the week, I’ll be sharing and spreading the word about a couple polls with some of my ideas. I know my readership is shy, but please take a moment to click some buttons for feedback. 

Not a reader, but you’re a writer looking for ideas?  I’ve got you covered. I’ll be sharing stories from other writers in the same situation (Swag-Lock) and give advice and tips for making some fun swag, and how to avoid the pitfalls.  Also, looking for guests to give their stories, good and bad, about their swag experiences.  I’ll provide you with MANY links to swag-sites where you too can lose yourself down the rabbit hole of swag’topia. There will be so many sites, you will beg me to stop!

For today, however, we have the first poll!  Please take a moment to answer the questions.  It’s for your own good. ;)



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