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Only eat the best chocolate

I write because it's fun. Even at the point in the process I’m stuck in right now, where I have to force out every….single….word……I remind myself that this is fun. 

It should be fun.

I began this hobby because I loved creating life in fiction form.

It’s a bit like eating really good chocolate.

I only want the good stuff, because, it’s not healthy for me, but I don’t want to live without it. Life is too short to waste on bad quality chocolate. It's also too short to waste on something that doesn't bring me joy.

When I first started writing, I wrote Fantasy, but I heard it was hard to get published and so I put it aside. When I began writing Paranormal Romances, I was told the exact same thing. I thought about writing something that sells, even though I didn't enjoy it. I decided to just go for the good chocolate; the stories that made me happy.

Now, as I’m forced to come up with something new, better, and marketable…. I wonder if it’s worth it.

Would I eat bad chocolate? Should I just stomach it?

I work to make money to support my hobby.


My writing  was once my fun time. Is changing my genre going to better my situation? Gain me readers? Can I craft it with honesty without my passion and joy of the story behind it?

I don’t think so.

So, I’m going to keep on eating the good chocolate and write the stuff that makes my heart happy. To hell with that chalky, waxy crap! (And hey, you should write what you love too and totally kill it!)

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A 'story' about scars?

As part of my ‘5 year goals’, I’m taking a creative writing class. Not only as part of the steps to get where I want to be, I thought it would be fun. So far it’s enjoyable and a little unsettling.  I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone to be more social and meeting people in class and reading my 'stuff' aloud. Ugh.  It also allows methe opportunity to have some structure in my writing. While I like my nightly routine, lately I haven’t been as dedicated to my work.  My latest assignment is to write something (Poem or prose) about the question: How Did You Get that Scar?

I instantly thought about Chaze and his scar and the story behind how he got it.  What say you, readers? Want to know how Chaze got his scar(s)? Or should I just write something fluffy or introspective about the scars in the soul we cannot see?  I’m not above some navel gazing and throwing down some super fluffy metaphoric nonsense about that or any number of little things.  HOWEVER—I’d spend the weekend on a mini Chaze story too. There’s no romance in that story though. Just want to warn all ya’all.

I thank you for responses. ;)  In advance.

27'ish days until An End to Summer! 

27'ish days until An End to Summer! 

Taming the Brat and Blood Feathers

Got the update that Taming the Brat is going to be out on September 7, 2016.   Blood Feathers will be available on September 28, 2016!



Taming the Brat has about 4,000 extra words in a new scene thanks to the encouragement of my editor.  So, people who read the freebies will have something to look forward to!   I love the covers so much and I'm delighted to get to share these with everyone. You can even click on through to read the blurb and Excerpt and all the deliciousness! 

Taming the Brat

Taming the Brat

Blood Feathers

Blood Feathers

Shall we begin?

photo by DRW

photo by DRW

I have been debating on having my blog here or elsewhere.  I really like having the ability to drive people to this site and to introduce them to the characters and answer questions people might have.  On the flip side, I want to keep this as a story-only site so I'm balanced strangely on the middle ground.  I'm going to try to see if this blog will work for both.  

If you are interested in signing up for the blog, please send me an email and I will get you added.!  Thank you for stopping by and having patience while I play around with this.


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