Playing for Keeps

Author Diana Rose Wilson

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Spirit Beasts


Lies that Blind - SpiritBeasts: Book 1

Lies that Blind - July, 2017

Lies that Blind - July, 2017

At 25, Frankie Welton expected to spend the rest of her life as a mixed martial arts fighter and chef in    New York City.  The unexpected death of her aunt forces her to accept her inheritance, the family estate and bar in Napa Valley.  She expected a wine and food utopia, not blood and supernatural shenanigans.

Her life turns upside down when she meets Christopher Harris-Wallace, the first man in her adult life who doesn’t seem to be afraid of her.    Before Frankie can unpack, her new bar is vandalized, her life is threatened but worst of all, the man she’s falling for is caught in the middle of a feud for power.

She discovers secrets but answers are harder and more dangerous to unearth.  Will she learn the truth in time to save her new friends or will she go crazy like her mother?


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