An End to Summer - Spiritlands: Book 1

An End to Summer - Spiritlands: Book 1

An End to Summer

There are natural fissures between reality and the spirit world. Those talented few can use the gates but there is a price for exploring them.  Fifteen year old Alexander Harris-Wallace has no idea of the dangers when he is thrust through one of the portals.

On the crescent shore Alexander is labeled a spy and traitor and to survive he must prove his worth to the kingdom and its people.  His search for home is complicated when he finds himself entangled with a powerful warrior Prince. 

Despite their differences in age, rank, social status, and the wars tearing at the lands, every passing year binds them tighter together.  The cost for such a glorious love and life must be paid with sacrifice.

Is their bond destined to be torn apart or is it strong enough to transcend the boarders of their worlds?