At Three Compasses, we focus on local Bay Area caught seafood, produce and only grass-fed beef from a local farm and dairy.  Our establishment is small and focused on personalized treatment of our guests from reservations to desert.  We hope you’ll join us for a culinary pampering.  Our open outdoor courtyard provides a scenic view of the center of lovely Yountville.  

Photo by DRW

Photo by DRW


Trade Routes-

North Star-

West Wind, East Wind-

True North-

Seven Seas -

Dead Reckoning-

Silk Road-

Westerlies -

Cardinal Points -

First Point of Aries – Grass Fed and dry aged Rib-Eye steak, baked potato and grilled asparagus

Neaps – Steamed muscles and clams in garlic butter sauce with spinach pasta


We specialize in a wide selection of local micro brews and wines.  


Owner: Anthony Wallace & Barbara Harris-Wallace

Manager: Mateo Cooper

Chef: Belinda Owens

Hostress: Vanessa Harris-Wallace